Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are Expecting!

Did I get your attention with that title?  Well we are expecting just maybe not the way you are thinking.  In my "spare" time from school, running my house and producing goodies for my on line store I do something a little bit different.  I raise, train and breed horses. 

Yesterday was an exciting day for us!  Isabelle Dawn arrived.  She is 8 months pregnant and expected to bless us with a baby in May/June.  I was in love before she came off the trailer, then she snorted and pranced to the holding pen.  She had me hook line and sinker!

I spent most of yesterday working in the barn and just watching her.  It is magical to me to watch such a large animal move with such grace!

Today I challenge each of you to take a moment and find something that takes your breath away and ENJOY it!

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