Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blast from the past! March 31, 2009 3:15 AM

This is a letter I wrote to my husband in 2009 when he was deployed to a remote location, now known as Kabul, Afghanistan!  Enjoy!

For the love of grape koolaid! A letter to my husband!

Current mood:vexed

okay. I am up for some  reason.
this cold has turned into malaria, the clinging, life force sucking kind, so I went and got some Tussin DM and as I swallowed the nice handy plastic cupful I read the nice +LITTLE+  warning about not taking it with certain meds or for two weeks after stopping those meds, huh what?? shouldn't that be in BIG BOLD LETTERS somewhere? I mean uh HELLO! So me being good girl didn't take sleeping pill so I could wake up without a toe tag and I didn't take any meds because I already know I am insane and don't want to push the limits with that. So here I sit with a $5 bottle of cold remedy, malaria that the nice cherry flavored swill didn't even touch, I think it actually might of mutated it as now my throat is itchy and feels closed up compared to just a dry hacking cough, a headache, and I can't sleep worth diddle. I don't consider 20 minutes hit and miss in sleepland sleeping.  Although the nice cherry drink did allow me to dream about things like, railroad cars as a storage container and that my life was packed into approx 200 of them set on my property somewhere in BFE, they were sealed and I couldn't figure out how to open them. Nice right?
Have you ever wondered why you married me? Well let me tell you, it was for sheer entertainment value I am sure! With me as a wife who needs movies, ipods or video games, I am all of them plus rolled into a nice small portable compact package. They don't tell you to put me away on airplanes, you can't get in trouble for paying attention to me or talking to me while riding in a car.
I am self mobile, meaning you don't have to carry me up stairs or through airport security. I don't waste batteries but I have been known to go through the power juice marketed as Mtn Dew rather quickly, but hey that is still cheaper than Double As!
Unlike video games, ipods and movies, I can actually entertain and FEED children of all ages and occassionally I can even be programed to clean house or do laundry! All for the love of a toe without a tag, here I sit this morning, wondering why do they make it cherry? I thought it was the "grape koolaid". And for the love of sleep, why don't they put the warning on the OUTSIDE of the damn box!

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