Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blogging? What is it? How do you do it? Why do you do it?

Seems everyone today has a blog.  What is a blog?  I had to ask myself this.  Then I researched a little and it seems like it is a diary, a how to article, a photo book or a market place depending on who is doing the blogging.  So for a while I will just sit back and see where this takes me. 

I do journal but I have always done it on paper with ink.  I have years of journals, that I should organize into some sort of common sense order.  I write in the red one this time, the pink one that time, the green and white one when I am writing to my grandson, on a scrap of paper when I am frustrated.  Hopefully the journal fairies will come in some day and organize all of it for me.

Well so there it is my first blog...enjoy!

Until next time...hug a loved one!

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